Home’s just where you stop when comfort outweighs your sense of adventure.
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discharge;  punk;  anarcho;  hardcore;  d beat;  
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black flag;  punk;  flyer;  harcore;  poster;  art;  raymond pettibon;  


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off!;  punk;  hardcore;  keith morris;  
@11:08am on 22 Jul5+

In London loving life right now, just got offered an interview with LV too, which is ace!

@7:18am on 22 Jul3+
Anonymous typed:
You are so flippin adorable

Thankyou anon! :)

@7:16am on 22 Jul
@10:01pm on 21 Jul14+
black flag;  flyer;  poster;  art;  punk;  hardcore;  

Handwritten lyrics to Schley by Joyce Manor

@8:01pm on 21 Jul3+
joyce manor;  pop punk;  punk;  


@6:01pm on 21 Jul54+


Stonewall Riots, June 28, 1969 (and following days)

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