I promise you I'm fine, one stumble on an infinite climb.


From Kurt Cobain to You: A Very important message for the young boys and men out there in the world.

"Remember that your older brothers, cousins, uncles and your fathers are not your role models. This means you do not do what they do, you do not do what they say. They come from a time when their role models told their sons to be mean to girls, to think of yourself as better and stronger and smarter than them. They also taught things like: You will grow up strong if you act tough and fight the boys who are known as nerds and geeks."

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Led Zeppelin performing at the Cherry Tree public house in Welwyn Garden City, U.K., 1969.

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A Guide to Terminology as used by Western Males of the Species



Prude - a woman who won’t fuck you

Dyke - a woman who won’t fuck you because you have a penis

Slut - a woman who fucks other people and not you

Tease - a woman who won’t fuck you even though she smiled at you

Feminist - a woman who won’t fuck you because she has, like, thoughts and stuff

Bitch - a woman who treats you the same as you treat women

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so done with being ill already

Still so cute tho

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Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day at Brixton Academy 2013

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